Taxi Service Redefined

About Us

Taxi Service Redefined

XAB redefines the point-to-point taxi service in Hong Kong by developing, marketing and operating our own fleet. Unlike other taxi hailing apps that only provide driver/passenger matching service, we provide reliable, comfortable and quality services by applying a new business model and the latest technology. XAB makes personalized taxi service hassle free for everyone.

XAB differentiates ourselves by three critical elements: Our Standard, Our Fleet and Our Technology.

  • Our Standard
  • The definition of a successful business is the combination of a great product and service.  At XAB, we understand the needs of our passengers and continuously evolve to make everyone's travel needs simpler and safer.

  • Our Fleet
  • Drivers and cars are crucial elements for providing a good transportation service. Our high quality drivers are background verified and trained to provide only the best service for our passengers. Our taxis, equipped with an extra-large compartment, are designed to deliver safe and comfortable service.

  • Our Technology
  • Technology is more than just fancy designs and functionalities of the app. We leverage the latest technologies in Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning so our app can learn and evolve over time with the user. We analyze road conditions, traffic patterns and user behaviors so that we can shorten the waiting time and provide the fastest route for our passengers.