XAB Features

Schedule Booking Guaranteed

100% guaranteed pick up once a scheduled order is confirmed

XAB Taxi

Taxi Service Redeifined

Spacious Compartment

Spacious luggage compartment gives travellers a better choice

Scheduled Service

Advanced booking saves you waiting time

Risk Protection

Insurance coverage for passengers gives you and your family a peace of mind

Cashless Ride

Go cashless – a hassle-free way to pay

Transparent Fare System

No more guessing needed. Fare is quoted before you confirm your ride.


Easy access with e-mail receipt and online ride history


A simple and easy way to manage your employee's daily travel needs

Why Choose

XAB for your trip

  • Travel

    Ride to the airport at an affordable fixed rate with Airport XAB. Experience a comfortable journey with an extra-large compartment that also holds ample amounts of luggage.

  • Routine

    Our scheduled service allows you to arrange your routine rides in a much simpler and convenient manner.

  • City Taxi

    XAB app can learn and evolve over time with the user, provide the shortest waiting time and also the fastest route for our passengers to save you time and money.

Download XAB now

Guaranteed pick up once the order is confirmed. XAB revolutionized how you ride a taxi - Taxi Service Redefined

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone.
Requires Android 4.0 or later.

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